Career Profile

IT Professional with extensive Technical and Customer/User Support experience. 

Ten-year experience with Moodle, including hosting, deployment, migration, upgrades and general technical support.

Skilled system administrator in Windows and Linux environments.

Volunteer Community Manager & Community Games Host

Self-taught skills in web hosting for multiple platforms, including Wordpress and Static-site generators such as Jekyll.


Director / VLE Technical Consultant

2017 - Present
PriorsVLE, Telford, UK

At PriorsVLE we provide Technical Support services and Hosting services around Moodle, including development services for bespoke plugins and managing upgrades and migrations for Moodle sites owned by the customer or third parties.

  • Liaising with clients to accurately capture their requirements and ensure targets are met
  • Creating and managing internal systems to ensure our processes are streamlined and adhere to LEAN principles
  • Providing 1st line customer support to clients’ users.
  • Invoice management to ensure accurate and timely payments from all clients
  • Utilising a variety of social media to advertise our business offerings, while also educating and informing around Moodle, including news and tips.

Volunteer Community Manager & Community Games Host

2018 - Present

PUBG Reddit is an unofficial community relating to the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

At PUBG Reddit, after being a member of the community I was invited to be part of the moderation team. This mostly involves ensuring rules are abided to by our 100k+ members and assisting with any issues and conflicts between members.

I am also in charge of hosting our Community Custom Games where we run a leaderboard and fun tournaments with fun and specific modes made up by ourselves and the players. All games are streamed live on Twitch and I, along with others, cast these games as they are being played out to provide a fun experience to the players and the community watching.

I also work closely with PUBG Corp staff with any requirements they may have with the subreddit, working together on fun community events and giveaways as well as providing any feedback and bugs in the game itself for PUBG Corp to investigate and improve.

As part of this, I also manage the PUBG Reddit Twitter account, ensuring relevant content is shared and posted in relation to the game and providing talking points to drive the conversation.

  • Discord Community Moderator
  • Subreddit Community Moderator
  • Social Media Manager
  • PUBG Games Host & Observer
  • PUBG Twitch Caster
  • Self-taught Discord Bot development in Python

Support Technician

2012 - 2017
HowToMoodle, Telford, UK

At HowToMoodle my role was to ensure new and existing clients had the best customer service experience possible. I managed migrations and upgrades of customers’ sites, to ensure they were kept up to date. I worked hard to build and maintain good relationships with customers, ensuring they always had all the required information to make the processes as smooth as possible and completed to mutually agreed timescales.

  • Setup, Upgraded and Migrated clients moving to the Moodle/Totara platform.
  • Designed and implemented automation of most manual tasks performed for site setups.
  • Answered support calls via our support desk system - Helpspot.
  • Supported clients in troubleshooting problems with the platform, advising and assisting them with their Moodle/Totara journey.
  • Provided on-call service to ensure hosting servers are running smoothly 24/7 and keeping clients informed when issues arise with the service.
  • Provided Administrator Support and Technical Server Support to clients Moodle sites.
  • Wrote accurate and comprehensive documentation to support and track technical changes with the hosting platform.
  • Providing Technical Server Support to clients whose services are hosted in-house or by a third-party provider.
  • Debugged Moodle/Totara application issues in PHP and MySQL, providing a fix or raising as an issue against the Moodle/Totara Tracker.
  • Managed all internal hosting servers running CentOS (5, 6 and 7), Apache, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB & DirectAdmin Control Panel.
  • Managed external client servers running CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo and Windows Server and using HTTPD, Apache2 and Nginx.
  • Monitoring each customer site and servers using Icinga (based on Nagios).
  • Managed local GIT repositories for Moodle/Totara, custom plugins and themes.
  • QA Testing developed plugins and raising issues using JIRA.
  • Performing company rollout to Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller.
  • Management of all company Windows desktops and laptops, including troubleshooting, patches, software & hardware upgrades, asset management.

Volunteer Presenter / Producer

2012 - 2014
Nova FM, Newport (Shropshire), UK
  • Hosted two local radio shows. One specializing in new, upcoming and rarely heard artists/bands, the other specialising in Dance, Trance and UK Hardcore music.
  • Produced shows every week for Friday and Saturdays Newsreading on weekends on the hour.
  • Assisted with Outside Broadcasts (Newfest 2012 & 2013. The Pheztival 2012 & 2013)

Junior Technical Support

2008 - 2012
Capita ITS (ex-i2Q Education Limited (A Synetrix Company)), Telford, UK

I started at i2Q, which later in life became Capita ITS.

At Capita, my main role involved supporting customers, mostly School and College clients, with their Moodle platform and with any issues or queries that may arise during term.

Performing yearly school rollovers take place in time for term start within their custom Moodle environment.

I also worked with developers, undertaking Quality Assurance testing of Capita’s new learning platform - OpenHive - during its development, using automated scripting and writing test plans.

Skills & Proficiency (Up to 100%)

Customer Support



MySQL / MariaDB





Nginx & Lighttpd

DNS & Domain Management